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Dedication has always been one of the most sought after qualities in employees and business associates alike.

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Dedication has always been one of the most sought after qualities in employees and business associates alike. You can now have the dedication of a full time employee from an associate with our Hire dedicated SEO plans. When you hire a dedicated SEO resource, you receive an SEO expert, from the sea of talent pool that we possess, and s/he will only be dedicated towards your work. With fixed timings, as per your convenience, this resource will work like an employee, from a remote location, handlilng all your requirements as per your instructions.


One of the most compelling benefits of hiring a dedicated SEO is a combination of skill and dedication that is on offer. While this SEO resource has extensive experience and can do it all for you, s/he will also take your instructions. This means that you can take the association forward the way that suits you.

Moreover, given that this is an associate, working from a remote location, you will save a considerable amount on your salary costs.


There are many organizations which might offer you everything except dedication in the name of dedicated resources. We, however, are different and are ready to offer all the dedication we could to ensure that your experience is worthwhile and the results are unparalleled.


With our hire dedicated SEO plans, you will not be offered inexperienced and naïve resources. We will assign such resources, for your requirement, who are experienced enough and understand the industry. They will, thus, be able to take up the entire responsibility of your work.


All our resources are headed by a supervisor who evaluates their performance on a regular basis. This is done with the objective of enhancing the quality of our services and retaining it over a long period of time.

  • How does it work?

    Joe Blogs is a decision maker of XYZ company based in London, New York, Anchorage or any town on the globe.Joe is looking to get some work done for his clients within short deadlines or maybe his client has a very tight budget. Or Joe wants to reduce his overall cost spending. Now Joe does not want to lose his client or business.

    Joe decides to do the work himself and make no great profit on the project with bit of dissatisfaction, because of the extra time that he needs to put in or just get the work done by a freelancer which he may not have control over Here we come in place! Joe can hire our dedicated resource or have 3 offshore full time developers for the cost of 1 or just 1 offshore developer depending on the work and duration he needs them for a project.

    Sounds great, isn’t it?

    Well you can get more, if you are looking to hire more than two virtual dedicated resources for more than 6 months, we can allocate a local account/project manager who could assist in any management related issues or task follow up and even to work on your project at no cost to you.

    Effectively you can have your own dedicated team of developers working for you from our development center saving you resource cost, operations costs and management costs.

  • How you can communicate with your team?

    Face to Face meeting means flying 700 miles, oops no!

    You can get them on ISDN Video Conference, Skype, MSN Messenger or call your developer using a UK or USA landline number with Email Support.

  • How do I know if the developers are working on my projects ?

    Well we will ensure that our staff maintains high quality of service at all times and their activity is monitored by effective applications that are setup on each of our workstations and also CCTV recordings are live within our staff working areas to maintain safety and discipline.

    Most importantly at the end of each day you will receive a report/time and work sheet which includes the hourly activity of your resource which includes targets achieved and planned work for the following day and week.

    Apart from this we hold review meetings, weekly work management meetings, and monthly progress meetings- sometimes our clients join us via Skype while their team meets to discuss their projects.

  • What level of communication do they have? Can the developers understand what we say? Can they write emails & documents?

    Yes, our resources are screened for communication skills, trained and explained with business cultures of major states and cities across the globe, which helps us deliver our services across the globe.

    Majority of our resources are experienced in dealing with a broad range of clients.

    Our developer speak fluent English, and are able to write, explain, technical documents, user guides and project handover documents.

  • What about data protection, Intellectual and Proprietary Rights?

    Data Protection is our top priority, all our employees work on secure workstations and follow strict data protection policy of the company which includes a non-disclosure agreement signed by each employee working for us.

    Intellectual and Sole Proprietary rights of the projects belongs to the client instead otherwise stated.

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