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The mobile operating system is the most well-known in the world

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With a smartphone and a tablet market share of more than 75%, Android is the world’s most used mobile operating system. Android, which is based on the open-source Linux kernel, is used for a wide variety of devices and almost every platform.

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Web and video editing solution, an interactive social networking platform and a mobile fitness virtual reality software & more

  • Over thirty Android developing projects

    Including over thirty Android developing projects like a web and video editing solution, an interactive social networking platform and a mobile fitness virtual reality software, we executed 1,500 digital projects.

  • You work how you like with us

    Outsourcing: 150 skilled Android development specialists come from our software factory teams. In two weeks, we will be able to start your mobile project in four weeks.

    SkillValue’s talent management platform brings together 87 independent Android developers. All of our freelancers are evaluated using testing and validation interviews with our CTOs.

    We have 3,000 Android candidates and six Android tests.
    Recruitment: We respond immediately to all of your IT recruitment needs.

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We provide world-class, cost-effective engineering talent through our global platform.

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