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Cross-functionality and portability, Java is a general-purpose programme for networked apps, scripts, web-based content, company platforms, games and mobile apps. The open-source language has grown into a robust ecosystem of strong development instruments and increased language diversity since its launch by the company Sun Microsystems in 1995.

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    SaaS systems covering several fields, e-commerce, tourism, MedTech, edtech and air transport applications including FinTech Web. Smart grid, home automation and robots, linked goods (IoT), and machine learning are all examples of MedTech (M2M). Big data and scientific uses.

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    Technologies for Java (Spring, Hibernate, SmartGWT, Hybris, JSF, ActiveMQ, ElasticSearch, Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, Redis). Front-end frameworks with JavaScript (Angular, ReactJS, ExtJS, BackBoneJS). Tools for coding and use (GIT, Jenkins, Intellij Idea, Maven, Docker, AWS).

  • IT externalisation

    Personnel increase allows you to enhance capacity and speed up delivery to your team. A committed and agile innovation team can be tailored by managed teams. You may get top digital pros through consultation to cover the cycle of product life.

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