Agility Assessment

Compare your agile reality with the transformation objectives of your firm

Agile Transformation Assessments

An Agility assessment can give practical insights and direction on agile transformation for teams, departments and even companies. It’s tough to assess the state of company agility. Opinions abound, data is biassed, and working practises are changing at the same time as the evaluation. As a result, merely handing out the questionnaire to multiple participants and asking them to fill in the blanks is unlikely to give the desired experience or accurate results.¬†This may involve rapid delivery, speed, predictability, efficiency, quality and cooperation skills and efficiency.

Leading the company to investigate and begin measuring any or all of the seven core capabilities, as well as take more specific action. Each core competence assessment is structured similarly to the business agility evaluation, with a set of statements categorised by dimension and graded on the same scale. This external feedback can be crucial for fostering alignment and defining a path for success with the desirable vision for agile adoption.

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