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Service Chief Information Security Officer

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-Service) is a key service that assesses and strengthens your company’s cybersecurity measures while also providing guidance and help for your future cybersecurity strategy. The Head of Information Security partners with senior management to help firms expand securely through a security strategy, policies and processes for the management of corporate risks. The CISO provides security oversight to ensure the adequate protection of firm information and systems. The role of the CISO is critical in achieving and maintaining compliance.

A good cyber security foundation is crucial for all businesses, regardless of how big or small they are; something that a CISO can assist in establishing and maintaining. As a service, CISO provides enterprises with access to on-demand top experts to keep focused on essential business goals. This service provides organisations with the expertise of a seasoned CISO to review the health of their programme and determine next steps to get it on a path that aligns with their business and security goals.

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